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HOLIDAY SPECIAL: For a limited time receive a free Intermediate Yoga in Fiji DVD with your purchase of Yoga Anytime Anywhere

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SPRING SPECIAL: For a limited time receive Elise’s Intermediate Yoga in Fiji DVD with your purchase of Yoga Anytime Anywhere

Yoga Anytime Anywhere
Elise Browning Miller and Carol Blackman offer step-by-step instructions for learning yoga poses to reduce stress and increase vitality. Yoga Anytime, Anywhere presents, in a clear, easy-to-follow style, simple techniques that can be used anytime by people of all ages and ability levels.

Intermediate Yoga in Fiji DVD
~ For beginner and intermediate students. This beautiful, slow flowing sequence progresses from beginner to intermediate poses.

~ Great for those with scoliosis who have learned to modify their poses. If you have a foundation of working with the Yoga for Scoliosis DVD or workshops, this DVD provides movement that is very beneficial to imbalances.

This breathtaking DVD provides a 50 minute intermediate home practice in the idyllic setting on one of the most pristine beaches of Fiji. Elise Miller guides you through a progressive vinyasa flow sequence that includes Sun Salutations, Iyengar jumpings, standing poses, backbends, inversions, balances, and twists, If you’re short of time, choose from the 18 minute Sun Salutation or the 25 minute Focus on Standing Poses sequence. A guided meditation with beautiful, relaxing visuals is included to enjoy at the end of your practice or at any time to quiet the mind. In the Bonus Section under More Challenging Poses, some of these poses have been slowed down to provide more instruction and to help you to improve your practice. Infused with the sound of waves and Polynesian music, this practice will transform and rejuvenate you with the backdrop of Fiji’s tropical paradise. Appropriate for all intermediate students including those with scoliosis and other back conditions.

Getting Started:
Yoga Vinyasa

•                Full Vinyasa

•                Sun Salutations

•                Focus on Standing Poses


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